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» JNE Singapore (Pte) Ltd
JNE Singapore (Pte) Ltd was set up in September 1990 and has established itself as a specialized service provider for project and time critical shipments. We handles shipments such as Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) parts, electronic parts and components, bio-medical specimens daily on a worldwide basis.

JNE Singapore (Pte) Ltd has the capability and resources to activate hand-carry service within short notice to facilitate the movement of extremely time critical shipments for our customers.

Our operations is staffed by a team of dedicated, highly committed and professionally trained pesonnel, who are also equipped with the necessary qualifications to handle Dangerous Goods. We are able to answer to your needs round the clock, 365 days.

» JNE (Thailand) Company Limited
JNE Thailand was formed in December 2006 as result of the partnership between IndoLink and JNE Singappore, the former being a logistic company established in 1990 with extensive trade activities in the Indochina region.

JNE Thailand now operates round the clock, 7 days a week and specialize in the handling of time-critical shipments, such as, Aircraft-On-Ground (AOG) parts, Electronics as well as bio-medical specimens. Our operational staffs are also certified to handle Dangerous Goods.

Hand carry services can also be arrange at short notices for extremely urgent parts or specimens.

» JNE Vietnam Agency
JNE Vietnam is one of the pioneers to establish Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh offices in 1994. Partnering Vietnam's Posts and Telecommunications Corporation, JNE Vietnam has since developed from a conventional courier company, to one that provides the most time critical services to cater to the needs of the industry on a 24 hour basis.

Coupled with such time critical solutions and our commitment to service quality, JNE Vietnam is able to provide customers with total logistics solutions, which include warehouse management & storage, pick & pack plus deliver within 2 hours of activation locally.

With a team of dedicated and well trained staff, qualified to handle Dangerous Goods, our offices in Vietnam routinely handle bio-medical shipments, such as stem cells, human serum, biological specimens, and many other project cargo including those for temporary import, timely and efficiently.

» JNE Middle East & Asia (Netherlands)
Provides next day deliveries from Europe to Middle East and Asia. Specialise in same day deliveries within Europe.

» JNE United Arab Emirates
JNE Dubai specialise in next day deliveries to Europe and Asia. It is the hub for all urgent shipments to all destinations in Gulf countries, India and Pakistan.

» JNE Turkey
Specialise in the ship building industries. JNE Turkey has offices in Istanbul, Adana, Izmir, Antalya and Mersin.

» JNE Indonesia
JNE is an Indonesia's leading logistics and distribution company who has more than thousands networks throughout the archipelago. Company-owned nationwide networking allows JNE to guarantee the fastest deliveries to anywhere in Indonesia. Operating 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we offer our customers shorter transit times and flexible collection. Continually proven its capability, JNE is now become the largest independent express company in Indonesia with professional service for moving, trucking, warehousing, air & sea cargo, airport greetings, customs clearance, logistics & distributions. Expanding its product and service rapidly, not only money remittance and food delivery but also freight service through a trucking landline service for the purpose of Java and Sumatera islands and its surroundings, with a very competitive price.

We also provide imports and exports solution to be more than just a reliable provider of superior delivery services. With extensive global network of strategic partners abroad, JNE resources and expertise make handling air and sea cargo shipping an effortless task. All official procedure and paperwork are prepared in advance to ensure trouble-free movements across the international borders. Implemented its innovative technology to strive as a world class' distribution service company which caters all kinds of individual and business needs, acting as host in the home country. 20 years experiences serving both International and Domestic customers.

» JNE Malaysia
JNE EXPRESS was incorporated on 12 July 1993.

Established for 14 years, JNE offers a Malaysia and overseas courier service and we are proud of our reputation for reliability, speed and customer service. JNE KUL is more than just a worldwide courier, we can manage your express needs anytime whether local or global with same day pickup and transit service.

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